What Conditions Can Hypnotherapy Help?


Services Offered

Hypnotherapy can help with (but not limited to) the list of following concerns:

• Managing stress & anxiety
• Trauma
• Confidence building
• Improving self-esteem
• Blushing
• Public speaking
• Motivation
• Irrational fears
• Panic attacks
• Stopping smoking
• Over-eating/weight management
• Passing examinations
• Improved focus e.g. exam revision/job hunting/career progression/sports performance
• Sexual concerns
• Relationship issues
• Work/career issues
• Managing life changing events
• Redundancy
• Phobias
• Long-term grief and bereavement
• Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

The above list is not comprehensive and is designed only to give you an idea of the wide range of issues that can be positively effected through Hypnotherapy.  If your issue or concern is not listed above, please give me a call to discuss.  It’s highly probable we can still help you.

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