Terms & Conditions

In many circumstances your presenting concern can be successfully released within just one session, for example stopping smoking, eradicating nerves over a forthcoming examination or speech. It may however, be that your presenting concern necessitates more than one session to achieve your desired outcome. This might, by way of example, be in the case of where trauma has been experienced, panic attacks or long-term  grief is present. In this case, Hypnoanalysis may be recommended.

Whatever your issue, help is at hand. If you are unsure if Hypnotherapy or Hypnoanalysis is for you, or perhaps you have unanswered questions and just want to talk about whether your concern can be helped by us; Deborah is a very open minded, non-judgemental and genuinely caring therapist, committed to helping all clients along the path to a new and happier way of life.  Please get in touch today to arrange your no obligation consultation, whereby we can discuss and agree on the most beneficial course of treatment for you personally. In a relatively short period of time you could be another Happy Living Hypnotherapy client.

How many sessions will you need? It very much depends on your presenting concern. Simple suggestion based therapy can achieve results after just a few sessions (1 – 3). Hypnoanalysis treatment can generally take a few more sittings. A good guide is 6 – 12 sessions.

Appointment Cancellation Notice: Please provide a minimum of 24 hours’ notice if you are unable to attend your appointment. Cancellation of appointments with 24 hours (or more) notice means you can reschedule your appointment to a more convenient time, transferring the fee you have paid in advance for the rescheduled appointment. If you are unable to provide a minimum of 24 hours’ notice or do not turn up for your appointment we will charge the full fee paid.

Payments: Payment can be made by cash or cheque with bankers guarantee card. Payments to be made one session in advance.

Personal Information: Upon making an appointment, you will be asked to provide your full name, address and phone number. Please update us should your personal contact details change at any time during treatment.

Confidentiality: All discussions, notes and your personal information is kept 100% confidential and private. Happy Living Hypnotherapy guarantees your right to confidentiality. The only exception to this rule is if it is deemed you are in danger of hurting yourself and/or others.

You will not be added to any mailing or email list without your prior consent.